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Phinished Links

This is a truly unique website. Not only does it offer great advice and quality links, it's interactive. Strategies for graduate school success are followed by reactions and responses from current grad students. Its primary purpose is to provide an online discussion and support group for grad students who are trying to complete their theses. Evidence it's successful? The Hall of Phame is the website's "honor roll of Phinished graduates and their degrees." As the author points out, "If they can do it, so can you."

Theses Canada

Introduced in January 2004 by the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada, Theses Canada is billed as the world's largest free thesis website. It provides a relatively quick and easy way of learning about research activities of recent graduate students and/or of getting a better sense of the format and expectations surrounding graduate level theses in your discipline. View more than 32,000 (and growing!) full text doctoral and master's theses online.

Funding Proposal and Thesis Guides

This site has multi-purposes, two of which are particularly relevant to graduate students: (1) click on the Proposal Writing Guide for "a step-by-step tutorial that provides both instructions on how to write a funding proposal and actual examples of completed proposals"; (2) click on the Dissertation/Thesis Guide for "a practical guide to assist in the crafting, implementing and defending of a graduate school thesis or dissertation." Practical and useful.

Graduate Student Resources On the Web

This exceptional site provides well researched links to useful websites for graduate students. In particular, the annotated listings under Getting Through - General advice on surviving grad school and Getting Out - Completing that dissertation and getting a job offer something for everyone. A great starting place.

So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!

The subtitle of this web site - "Everything I wanted to know about C.S. graduate school at the beginning but didn't learn until later" - is somewhat misleading: it's applicability is much broader than graduate studies in computer science. Conversational in style, it offers solid no-nonsense advice interspersed with inspirational quotes from famous people such as Mark Twain and Louis Pasteur. Fun to read, the suggestions are sometimes profound in their simplicity.

The Association for the Support of Graduate Students

ASGS is an American based service organization for graduate students. They provide information and 'products' (i.e. you pay) to assist students with planning and completing their thesis or dissertation. Some items such as back copies of their publication (Thesis News) must be paid for, but some 'Thesis Tips' and current articles from the publication are usually posted. In addition, archived material from 'Doc Talk' is available. This is a moderated email discussion group for graduate students. 'The Best of Doc Talk' provides some interesting (and honest!) discussions related to Writer's Block, Working with Advisors, Oral examinations, and job searching. You might find some useful tips here.

Grad Resources: Serving the needs of graduate and professional students

This site contains a variety of resources under the headings of e-mentors, crisis line, articles, resources, and worldview. The "articles" section is perhaps the most useful to Canadian grad students - example topics include in-depth discussions of time management, and coping with academic and financial pressures. The information under "worldview" is listed as dealing with "deeper philosophical and spiritual issues"; browsers are at complete liberty to choose whether or not to view this section.

How to Be a Good Graduate Student

The information isn't new - written in 1994 - but this website is still a favourite. The abstract cautions that the intent is not to provide prescriptive advice but to raise awareness. In fact, it's full of advice. That's fine, because it's really good advice! Looking for ideas on dealing with the daily grind of graduate school, staying motivated, or thesis writing? Take a look at this website.

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