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Alternative Format Text

Alternative format text (e.g., electronic or Braille versions of print material) is available to students who are blind, have low vision, or who have a learning or mobility disability. Alternative format texts are requested on-line at the link below. Please note that infomation such as: book title, author, and professor name, will be needed in order to complete your request.

It can take several weeks to obtain digital textbooks and several months to have a Braille textbook made. Therefore, students who need alternative format textbooks are required to provide a reading list to SSD immediately after they have selected their courses. Students may obtain textbook information from the University Bookstore. The Bookstore usually has course reading lists at least a month before classes begin. The link to the bookstore is . 

In some instances, SSD may be able to create accessible versions of textbooks more quickly than obtaining them from another source. In these cases, SSD would ask students to supply their textbooks when requesting alternative format texts so that SSD can scan them.

Request alternative format textbooks here

Students who may require Powerpoint slides, documents on course websites, and other course material in accessible formats should inform an SSD counsellor immediately after registering in courses.

Students may make an in-person or phone appointment with an SSD counsellor by calling (519) 661-2147 or emailing

Ray Lumsden, BSc (H.K.)
Assistive Technologist
Services for Students with Disabilities
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