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We have transcription services available for students. Transcription is the conversion of printed materials into alternative formats such as audio tape, electronic format, and braille. Your counsellor will provide authorization for this service.

Alternative format text is available to students who are blind, have low vision, or who have a learning or mobility disability.

In order to meet your needs, we require that you supply us with a required reading list as soon as possible BEFORE your classes begin. It can take up to several months to have textbooks converted, depending upon the format required so we need to have as much production time as possible before your classes begin.

The best practice that we can recommend is to check with the bookstore as soon as you know what classes you are registered in. The bookstore will usually have the reading lists at least a month prior to the start of term.

The link to the bookstore is

In some instances, we may also require you to supply a copy of the textbook to the office.

For materials which require conversion to tape, enlarged print and digital formats, please contact Denise Dunleavey at 519-661-2147, or by email and use the title Textbooks as the subject line of the email message.

Some books are available online, especially in the areas of classics, older novels, historical documents, etc. Please use the right upper menu to go to the Resource and Information links. There is a link from that page to a list of Electronic Text Sites.

Also from this web page:


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