Western Accessible Transportation Service

Information for Students

The Western Accessible Transportation Service (WATS) is provided by Student Development Centre's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) in conjunction with Voyageur and Aboutown. WATS is for travelling among university locations only, which includes travelling between campuses.

The travelling must be for reasons related to courses (or other academic requirements). You should feel free to use WATS if you need to travel between classes to meet with a Financial Aid advisor (or professor, teaching assistant, etc.), to go to the library or book store, or to get lunch between classes.

On the other hand, you should not use the service for getting to and from social activities (e.g., meeting friends at a residence, the Spoke or Wave, or using the recreational facilities).

If you need to use WATS this year for disability-related reasons, you must meet with Dr. Wendy Dickinson in SSD (call 661-2147 to book an appointment).You will need to bring documentation of your disability to your meeting if you have not already provided it for SSD. You also will need to sign a form that authorizes SSD to give your name to Voyageur Transportation Services and Aboutown Transportation Limited.

For further information regarding accessible transportation for the City of London, please go to the London Transit Commission

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All information disclosed by students to SDC will be kept confidential. It will not be shared with family, university staff, course instructors, or others without written permission and will not become part of academic records.

Student Development Centre is experienced in working with diverse populations.

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