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Dissertation Writers' Retreat

The Dissertation Writers' Retreat is a joint initiative of SGPS, SOGS, and the Writing Support Centre, designed to provide Western PhD candidates in year 4 or above with dedicated time and space for intensive writing. Participating in the retreat can help you make significant progress in writing your dissertation, and help establish good writing habits that will enable you to meet future objectives. By providing you with a comfortable, encouraging, and distraction-free space, as well as support from expert writing advisors, we will give you the opportunity to remove yourself from daily distractions and time demands to focus exclusively on dissertation writing. The Dissertation Writers' Retreat is specifically for writing your dissertation; it is NOT for conference presentations, course essays, book reviews, etc. The next Dissertation Writers' Retreat is taking place December 17-19, 2018. Registration is required as space is limited. Contact Doug Campbell if you have questions or need additional information. 

 Register for the December 2018 DWR

Weekly Thesis Writing Time

Weldon Library fourth floor, 439H (Thursdays)
Middlesex College, Room 8 (Fridays)


Weekly Thesis Writing Time is dedicated to providing a comfortable, distraction-free space conducive for graduate student thesis writing. This weekly program offers Western Doctoral and Master’s students, who are currently writing their thesis/dissertation, an Internet-free three-hour block of time to focus exclusively on writing. October 2018 sessions are scheduled to be held in Weldon Library, Room 439H (Thursdays), and Middlesex College, Room 8 (Fridays).

This is joint initiative between SOGS and SGPS  


Graduate Writing Lab

Our Graduate Writing Lab (WSS4130a) is a dedicated space for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Located just inside the Writing Support Centre, the Grad Lab offers computer stations, a resource centre, and a comfortable seating area. Graduate students are welcome to use this area Monday to Thursday from 10am until 4pm. In addition, you may reserve this space for academic uses such as seminars or study groups on Fridays. We ask that when you use this space you:

  • Check in at Student Development Centre reception in the Western Student Services Building (WSS 4100)
  • Sign in when you arrive in the Graduate Writing Lab
  • Respect the area as a quiet study space by entering and exiting quietly and keeping the door closed
  • Use the resource materials on site

If you have questions or would like to reserve the Graduate Writing Lab on a Friday, please contact Doug Campbell at 519-661-2111 extension 85950 or at

GradWRITE: Writing Handouts

Our general Writing Support Handouts contain explanations and examples of university appropriate English language grammar and style. 

Directory of University Writing Centres

Other university writing centres have their own sets of resources. If you have been through our site and are looking for further information or help, check out the following selected list: 

 Non-University Sites

Style Guides

Western Libraries has created up-to-date Online Style Guides for academic citations and referencing. Several citation management systems are also available for all Western students, staff, and faculty; this web-based software can help you organize and format your citations.

Resources to get you started:

If you are looking for sources, Western Libraries' subject-specific Research Guides are a good place to begin your search.   

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository site has resources to help you find all the information you might require in order to format and successfully submit your graduate thesis for examination and publication electronically.

Help for Writing Research Grants and Awards:

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