GradWRITE Graduate Writing Conference

Graduate Writing Conference March 9, 2018

The GradWRITE: Graduate Writing Conference addresses specific graduate writing concerns and is an opportunity to learn need-to-know strategies directly from some of Western’s most accomplished graduate faculty. This year's conference is happening May 1, 2019 in UCC146. Stay tuned for registration, session, and schedule details. 

Last year's sold-out conference included a professor panel (Dr. Jody Culham, Dr. Jim Dickey, Dr. Amanda Moehring, and Dr. Allan Pero), sessions on writing a manuscript for publication (Dr. Jeremy McNeil), writing grant proposals (Dr. Andrew Nelson and Douglas Campbell), writing to communicate ideas beyond the academy (Dr. David Smith), and technical writing (Paul Schmidt).

Conference organizer: Douglas Campbell 519-661-2111 x85950

2018 GradWRITE Graduate Writing Conference sessions:

What IS Good Graduate Writing?  Professor panel and Q & A

Graduate Faculty from across disciplines will talk about best writing practices, identify common problems, and take questions from conference participants.  

    • Dr. Jody Culham – Department of Psychology
    • Dr. Jim Dickey – School of Kinesiology
    • Dr. Amanda Moehring – Department of Biology
    • Dr. Allan Pero – Department of English and Writing Studies

Getting Published: Preparing a Manuscript

Learn about the academic publishing process and what graduate students need to know when writing a manuscript.

    • Dr. Jeremy McNeil – Helen Battle Professor of Chemical Ecology

Writing Grant Proposals

Learn what it takes to write winning grant proposals. 

    • Dr. Andrew Nelson – Department of Anthropology Presentation Slides Nelson, Presentation
    • Douglas Campbell – Writing Support Centre

Confessions of a Writing Addict

In an age where we are saturated with information, effective communication is more important than ever. Unfortunately, many scientists are ineffective, unskilled, and/or not interested at communicating their research to the general public. Moreover, at some universities, students do not receive adequate training in writing and outreach, thus perpetuating the problem. Here, I recount my own battle to become a better writer and communicator and how I have tried to integrate public outreach and popular writing into my research.

    • Dr. David Smith – Department of Biology

Technical Writing

This session emphasizes the importance of expressing yourself clearly and concisely in the technical writing genre.

    • Paul Schmidt – Associate Director, Writing Support Centre; Ivey Business School

Student testimonials from past GradWRITE: Graduate Writing Conferences:

"Everything today has been very useful – I appreciate that everyone has different specialties and experience. Grant Writing and Getting Published were especially helpful because both speakers were talking from the perspective of the grant committee/publisher. This first hand perspective was great."

"Q and A panel was great! Very engaging speakers. In particular, Jessica Grahn was very easy to relate to my situation. Dr. Kathleen Hill did a fantastic job driving home the point about writing to your audience. Dr. Jeremy McNeil did a phenomenal job with providing advice about getting published including how to deal with reviewers."

"The technical writing session was particularly well done. It covered a broad range of topics, ie. from anxiety to writing, to sentence structure, to reviewers, useful tips etc." 

"It was great to hear from professors who are so enthusiastic about teaching (about writing). I especially enjoyed the very concrete advice (strategies) from Jessica Grahn, Ileana Paul and Jeremy McNeil. I was especially impressed and incredibly pleased with how much, especially the first and last session, focused on the cognitive and emotional barriers to writing which really helped to change my perspective." 

"Found all sessions were thoughtfully prepared and included useful insight. So I pleased I could attend. Sessions addressed important aspects (separate but ultimately connected!!) in gradwriting."

"The overall information provided was great in that it covered a wide range of topics. Presenters were great." 

"I enjoyed the general advice in the panel session and the very vivid and informative presenter in technical writing."  

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