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The Writing Support Centre offers specialized subject-specific workshops within our main offices in the Student Development Centre (SDC). You can refer your students to whatever workshops best suit their particular needs. Please consult our calendar for upcoming events.

Make the WSC part of your curriculum

Some instructors actively encourage students to visit the Writing Centre for one-on-one tutoring appointments as part of their final grade for a specific assignment. You can provide us with a class list so that our tutors can record each student's visit. As always, the details of a visit will remain confidential unless the student agrees to share the information. While some instructors prefer students to receive feedback before submitting an assignment, others prefer students to visit with a graded paper. Please contact us for more information.


The Writing Support Centre has designed a series of helpful handouts on various writing topics. You can freely download these resource materials or visit our office in the Student Development Centre to browse our selection.

What instructors are saying about our services

"Let me begin by saying that I am quite impressed with the quality of service offered by the SDC. I have just begun my Master's studies in English, and this is my first experience as a teacher's assistant. I had little idea how much instruction would have to go on within my tutorial groups; and being little more than a student myself, I learned very quickly that knowing how to write academic papers and teaching someone how to write academic papers are two entirely different things.

I had been encouraging my students to attend SDC workshops since the very beginning of the year, offering participation marks as an added incentive. Everyone showed a great deal of interest, and nearly all of my students -- 31 in total -- attended at least one of these presentations. After the first round of essays came in, I realized that many of my students would need additional assistance, and that several would require more help than I considered myself capable of providing. In the comments of many of their essays, I urged students to visit the SDC. The second round of essays has recently arrived, and there has been a dramatic improvement on all counts, and an increase of between two and five percent in the average of each section."

English 024E T.A. Kevin Buchanan

"By encouraging first-year students to consult the centre, I hoped to send the students two messages: 1. that their writing was inadequate and they had to improve it in order to get a higher mark; and 2. that there was a place where they could quickly get first aid and some longer treatment to improve their writing."

(Ret.) History 020E Instructor, Prof. Hahn

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All information disclosed by students to SDS will be kept confidential. It will not be shared with family, university staff, course instructors, or others without written permission and will not become part of academic records.

Student Development Services is experienced in working with diverse populations.

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